8th August 2020

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The gaming market, like other entertainment media, shapes itself according to the changes in the business model. Adapting to the present – or dancing to the music, as good languages ​​say – is one of the needs. Aware of this, Microsoft understands what it means today to offer a service like the Xbox Game Pass.

In conversation with Voxel, Bruno Motta, marketing manager and leader responsible for Xbox brand operations in Brazil, spoke about the importance of the topic with a highlight that is the main banner raised by the signature: curatorship. For those who do not know, Voxel explains: curation is nothing more than making a special selection of certain content – what to display, what makes sense, what to have and what not to have. That is, ultimately, “curing” a product or service.

The Xbox Game Pass is about curation, not a bloated catalog with “thousands of games”, in the words of the executive. The focus is on working on pillars such as diversity and, of course, quality, without also abandoning quantity, as we agree: adding the Game Pass catalogs on Xbox and PC, we have many more than 200 titles available.

“There are factors that we take into account: quality, obviously, has to be there; diversity of genres, games; indicative classification, so that we can contemplate several people. We look at the niches as well, the regional differences. We realize this a lot with sports. In Brazil, football is super-relevant; United States, basketball. So we tried to create a catalog that serves the largest number of people ”, he explained.

23 million new friendships

Xbox Live recently surpassed the mark of 90 million monthly active users. The Game Pass, in turn, reached 10 million subscribers. In the midst of this – and a pandemic -, Motta revealed that users of the service made “23 million new friendships within the subscription”.

“It really shows the social power that games have to help people in this difficult time,” he said.

Our commitment to the Game Pass is huge. (…) Over there, we found that people play 30% more genres

Within the diversity, which was the subject of the conversation, it is obvious that AAA games are available with a “cadence” within the service, in the reading of the client, and that this is part of a “renewal cycle” of the rotating catalog.